Splash Damage has just delivered a new update for Brink on Steam – the 9th update since the game was released and probably the one that brings the title as close to perfection as possible. Amongst the new changes brought in by this new Brink patch we have increased spawn times to 10 seconds (for defending teams), while a new HUD has been brought in for game spectators.

Here are the full changes brought in by this latest Brink update:

Balancing: Lowered Hacker terminal disarm rate to 0.6 (from 0.9)
Spectator mode: Added new HUD displaying objective information
Server Browser: Added dedicated/listen server type filter
Added server information to map loading screens in multiplayer. Server admins can customise this via the following cvars:
Spectator mode: Added faction colors to player names
Spectator mode: Health bars now visible when looking directly at players
Stopwatch mode: Added 10 seconds to each defending team’s spawn time
Stopwatch mode: Added support for custom defence respawn timer adjustments via g_stopWatchDefenceRespawnTimerAdjust
Stopwatch mode: Added objective timing information to Stopwatch review screen
Added support for listing players steam id’s via the listSteamIds cvar
UI: Added automatic scrolling when typing in chat boxes
UI: Stop context menus receiving focus when they are disabled and inactive
UI: Game now forces a refresh of the notifications screen each time it is activated
UI: Set focus to default (first) list item each time the notifications screen is activated
UI: Updated two text strings for German and Italian, as “Game mode” and “Play mode” incorrectly used the same word
Fixed player nametags disappearing despite not being affected by Flashbang
Fixed boat shaking for clients in CCity and Shipyard opening cinematics
Fixed Aquarium only ever logging one objective being completed
Fixed having your weapon stuck in iron-sights for the entire refire duration when needing to perform an auto-reload
Fixed issue with caltrop models not always being updated properly

In order to get the update, all you have to do is to sign in to Steam and the application will work its magic by its own.