The highly-popular side scrolling MMO that used to make and break couples in its good ol’ days, MapleStory, is coming to Facebook for the delight of its fans who will find it a lot easier to interact with friends and keep on going, despite the fact that until now no actual “big” game managed to get results on Facebook. Maybe MapleStory will know better how to handle the social platform…

Optimized for the Facebook platform, MapleStory Adventures will offer the same winning ingredients as the original MapleStory. Exclusive to MapleStory Adventures, players will be able to interact with their friends by inviting them to complete quests. When hired, friends’ avatars will appear alongside the player to help attack enemies through asynchronous play. Players can also send gifts to their Facebook friends allowing both parties to boost energy and level up their skills.

During a recent 11-day closed beta test, MapleStory Adventures almost immediately reached its beta cap of 30,000 players and amassed more than 40,000 “likes” on Facebook. During the short beta period, players participated in quests more than 862,000 times and picked up 14.2 million items like gold and other consumables.

“MapleStory Adventures has the potential to make a huge impact and really shake things up in the social games space,” said Daniel Kim, CEO of Nexon America. “While this does not represent a shift from our core business, we definitely see the Facebook space as a promising market for our games, starting with MapleStory, one of our most popular titles not just in North America but in online gaming worldwide.”

MapleStory Adventures is expected to go live on Facebook on July 27.


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