action-pantsDespite the recession, Ubisoft seems eager to expand it’s business. Therefore, the French company has purchased North American devs Action Pants, which means that now Ubi gained its first West Coast developer. I wonder if 50 Cent has anything to rap about this…

Founded in 2006 and employing over 110 developers, Action Pants expands Ubisoft’s portfolio with at least one Wii-exclusive sports game and lots of potential.

“We have been looking closely at Vancouver for some time, as we wished to set up a presence in what is one of the industry’s biggest talent pools,” says Christine Burgess-Quemard, executive director of worldwide production studios at Ubisoft. “The creative talent at Action Pants made the decision an easy one and we are delighted to both establish ourselves in the region as well as welcome a fantastic group of experienced developers who can start exchanging with our other teams worldwide.”

Ubisoft also purchased recently Brazilian developers Southlogic Studios, while in November it purchased World In Conflict devs Massive Entertainment.