The Lost in the Dark Mission in the second in the new series of Treasure Isle quest that have gone live in the game after the launch of the Deep Sea map. You probably haven’t finished the first mission in the series yet (The Cradle of Atlantis), so I am sure you are really curious to know what is this quest all about, so read on to find out!

Let’s start by checking out the requirements for completing the Lost in the Dark Mission in Treasure Isle:

– Gather Atlantean Orbs – 12 (how to: ask your friends for them)
– Fix Atlantean Lights – 12 (how to: use the orbs to replace each broken orb)
– Dig Up all remaining treasures – 39 treasures

In order to complete this mission, you will need loads of energy, so make sure you have a pretty solid amount stacked up before starting. You have 23 hours to complete the Lost in the Dark Mission, and if you manage to do it, you will receive 4,800 coins and 315 XP as a reward.