The latest issue of the Game Informer magazine features the first ever details on Jurassic Park, plus a bunch of screenshots from the upcoming developed by Telltale Games. If you were worried (like many others), that the developers will ruin the game with a cartoonish style similar to that of the recently launched Treasure Isle or Wallace & Gromit, you can relax now!

I say that because, judging from the first screenshots (you can check them out below), the Jurassic Park game will deliver some darker and more realistic visuals, perfectly suited for such a game. Most likely the images we can see are part of in-game cinematics, but they still look good and hopefully the in-game graphics will be close to the seen quality.

Details-wise, Telltale Games were pretty mysterious: we only know that we’ll control a staff member of the Jurassic Park and there’s no information if any characters from the movie will star in the game. But I’m sure that we’ll find out more in the near future, so make sure to check back here in the Unigamesity for more!

Until then, check out the nice Jurassic Park Screenshots (have in mind that these are magazine scans and that’s why they might look a bit strange):



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