The latest edition of the Game Informer magazine has brought to us a ton of new details (actually, the first details) about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the upcoming, highly-awaited mega-hit from Bethesda. And what seemed to matter the most for us was their promise: the game will feel more realistic and, overall, it will be more believable.

Executive producer Todd Howard explained how this is going to be made possible: “All the stuff we’re doing, we want the game to feel more believable, not just on the screen, but in your hands,” he said. “We wanted the pace of melee combat to be different. There has to be an energy and a joy to it. And we’re also interested in how the weapons feel in your hand.”

In other words, everything is more realistic: when entering a fight, you won’t be allowed to walk backwards as fast as you can move forward (which, I guess, it’s a first in the RPG genre and brings in an amazing new tactical approach to melee combat), while closely looking at your enemies and waiting for openings in their attacks will be vital to the success of your actions.

In other words, it all sounds incredibly nice and I am sure that you’re all already dreaming at playing Skyrim as soon as possible!