Back when the first teaser trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was revealed, we could only be thrilled at the idea that the game will finally be released. However, today we have a load of extra details about Bethesda’s upcoming RPG and we have them to share with you: the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim story has been revealed!

The main character in Skyrim will be the last dragonborn: “The Elder Scrolls have prophesied the return of the dragons. In fact, the signs that the dragons would be returning were clearly laid out in the predictions. The shattering of the Staff of Chaos, the appearance of Numidium, the volcanic Red Mountain, and the opening of the Oblivion gates all heralded their arrival. The last sign is the citizens of Skyrim turning against eachother in civil war, an event that is unfolding as Skyrim begins” – this is what the latest issue of the Game Informer magazine reveals.

This means that along out adventure, we will encounter dragons several times, but we’ll also be able to use the powers of dragons (since we are, after all, dragonborns!). There will also be help from AI-controlled characters like the Blades warrior Esbern, one skillful fighter tasked to protect the dragonborns.

Bring it on!