Back in 2005, indie game developer Inhuman Games developed a pretty awesome real time strategy game, Trash. With a focus on online gameplay, Trash still has a solid fan base which is probably more than happy with the development team which is constantly improving, fixing and patching the game. For example, Inhuman games have just released a huge new patch which can be downloaded on the Trash official website.

This Trash patch offers seven brand new missions and fixes a bunch of bugs that were occasionally showing up. Here’s the full changelog:

  • Action parameters of type ‘Region’ and ‘Player’ can now accept expressions.
  • Added a property to entities called ‘pos’. This property can be used in region parameters. So now you can say spawn tech drop at ‘trigger.pos’
  • Actions for spawning of units and buildings now accept a ‘type’ parameter which is an expression.
  • Added support to allow for Rogue CPU players and Rogue Teams.
  • Added “Fast Forward” action type to editor. This lets you simulate several seconds of game time in a single instant.
  • Updated editor to reflect the current game design (‘Mechanic Repair’ was added, etc).
  • A few region filter types were replaced with new region trigger types — previous maps using the old filter types will need to be updated.
  • Fixed copy-paste bug where pasting of certain actions would paste only paste a reference of the action instead of pasting a clone of the action.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with the expression evaluation. For example: ‘’ used to fail.
  • Mission stages can have any position offset (previously the offset was limited to values divisible by 32).
  • Fixed bug with saving and loading of hut-using buildings.
  • Added several new object methods and properties (for example math.sin, player.buildings_of_type, region.random, etc)
  • Made a several other minor improvements and fixes to the editor (better error msgs, typo fixes, etc).
  • Fixed some crashes related to missions.