Eons ago, Electronic Arts made an attempt to purchase Grand Theft Auto owners Take Two, but the latter company always considered the offer too low, so a slow dance started – one that was not going to create a couple, though. Today it is all clear, signed and sealed by the T2 shareholders: the company is not for sale.

The announcement came with a official report stating that, after analyzing various offers from “various interested parties” (we believe it’s only EA, though) the Board of Directors has determined that it is in the best interests of stockholders to conclude its review of strategic alternatives and to continue operating and building Take-Two as an independent company. In other words – the offer was still not big enough.

Strauss Zelnick, Take Two’s Chairman said: “We are strongly positioned creatively, financially and competitively to benefit from the opportunities we see in the fastest growing segment of the entertainment industry. Our management and outstanding and talented employees have maintained an unwavering focus on our products and our business through this lengthy strategic review process and we are confident in our prospects. We remain focused on maximizing value for stockholders and are executing on our business strategies in a determined manner.”

So, it appears that this is it. Probably a similar report will be released by EA later today. Anybody surprised with T2’s decision?

[Image credits: 411mania]