titanfall beta impressions 1Respawn Entertainment has detailed the fourth major game update for Titanfall, including a new game mode, additional features as well as the usual tweaks to gameplay.

The new game mode being added is called Marked for Death. This is where one member of each team is highlighted, and teams have to kill the opposing player ‘marked’ whilst protecting their own highlighted teammate.

Marked for Death is the first mode in a new Featured Game Modes playlist, which will introduce new game types into the playlist rotation for a limited time only, with new game modes being introduced to replace outgoing games. Wingman Last Titan Standing is due to be introduced shortly after Marked for Death.

Also being added into the game is Titan Burn Cards. 14 new cards are being added which amp Titan abilities and weapons. These Burn Cards will not expire when you die as a Pilot, but instead when you die as a Titan.

Another feature being introduced on the Titan front is Titan Insignias which allow you to customize your Titan. These are unlocked through completing challenges. If you have already completed a challenge the Insignia will be ready and waiting for you.

Two more OS voices for your Titan are also being added along with the default Betty voice, with Lisa and Jeeves being introduced. The OS will also provide more observational information for you when in your Titan.

Matchmaking is also getting tweaked, with teams being rearranged just before the level loads to try and balance player numbers and skill.

Along with a vast number of bug fixes, Respawn is also balancing a number of weapons. Those affected by changes are: Satchels, Shotgun, R101, R97, Hemlock, AMPed Hemlock, G2, AMPed G2, Titan Plasma Railgun and Titan Punch.

Specific details for the update, including other features, bug fixes and weapon balancing are available on the Titanfall website.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming update? What do you think could be improved in Titanfall with an update?