topEven the most feared pirates enjoy Christmas – and the Tales of Pirates MMO proves it by offering its players a true Christmas Carnival, with no less than three special events to enjoy until the end of the year. So, if you want some extra money, more experience or even the chance to send out your Christmas wishes, there is something for you in Tales of Pirates this holiday season!

The first event to kick off is Daily Christmas Fun: Marriam, the Innkeeper in Argent City, has a flourishing business during the holiday season. She is busy preparing gifts for guests, but she is all alone in the inn. Players who can help her to collect the required materials will obtain generous rewards, 100,000 gold and 2 Level 3 Sand Bags! Pretty easy!

The second event is Summoning Santa: Wynne at Icicle Castle has kept herself busy delivering Christmas presents for Santa Claus, but she’s been so busy that she forgot to set one aside for herself. If you decide to help herm you will obtain 8000 EXP and a Santa Clause summoning scroll as rewards.

And finally, the last event in this ToP Carnival is Christmas Wishing Tree. It appears to be a bit more complicated, but it’s worth the trouble: if you happen to stumble upon a Christmas tree, you should take advantage of that and make a wish – it might come true! Players can buy the Christmas Greeting Card in the Item Mall and go to find NPCs at Deep Blue to take the quest. And I thought pirates were all about drinking rum and training red parrots to be mean…