little-space-duoIndie company Jugilus have just released their first game, Little Space Duo, a title that will also be known as LSD – obviously – but strangely, it is a really family-friendly, cool and basic platformer that tells the story of a little girl and a small robot who are on a big mission: to save their spaceship from whatever problems it might have. The game costs just $9.95 and you can find out more about it below:

Lucy, the game’s main character, has been abducted accidentally by a strange vessel, whose control systems have been damaged by a cosmic ray. Considered by the ship to be nothing more than a piece of cargo, she has been taken away into space. Luckily, she’s not alone – a small, clever data robot looking like R2-D2 from Star Wars, is there to help her out. Together they will embark on a mission to fix the computer and save the day. It wont be easy, though; they have a long way to travel and the corridors of the spaceship are patrolled by various cargo robots which will try to catch them and put them in storage. The little duo will need to work together, help each other out, and utilize all their cunning to outsmart the cargo robots.

Most of game consists of a side-scrolling arcade platformer, in which the player controls Lucy and Sunny. Lucy can run and perform some tasks, like operating lifts and manipulating some devices. Sunny, meanwhile, can fly and can access some hard to reach areas, but he lacks hands, and thus cannot do some of the things Lucy can. He can also help Lucy by carrying her safely down from high places. Traveling through the corridors of the ship, the little duo will encounter various patrolling robots, which will try to catch them. The different robots have varying abilities, which the player must pay attention to, in order to help the protagonists avoid capture. Most of the robots are able to catch Lucy, while Sunny has less to worry about, as there are fewer that can catch him. The player must be clever in managing the two heroes’ abilities and vulnerabilities in order to help them on their quest.

The second mode is a top-down arcade game in which the player controls a vehicle carrying Lucy and Sunny. The vehicle travels through the larger cargo halls of the ship, which contain many patrolling robotic vehicles. The puzzle elements in this portion of the game involve not only avoiding these robotic vehicles, but manipulating them in order to advance. You can buy the game or get the demo to do some testing first on the Little Space Duo developer’s website.