thatre-of-warIf you loved Theatre of War 2, you will certainly be delighted to hear that the developers are planning a series of expansions for the original game and the first one, subtitled Centauro, will be released “soon-ish”: by the end of this summer.

With the full title Theatre of War 2 – Centauro, the add-on will be dedicated to the Italian 131st Armored Division “Centauro” and the battles it took part in North Africa, starting from December 1942 until mid-May 1943. In terms of gameplay, this means a new campaign that will allow us to command units from the Centauro division and embark on various missions, from rearguard actions near El Ageyla in Libya to the battles in the area of Cape Bon in Tunisia.

If you prefer numbers, Theatre of War 2 – Centauro will deliver ten new missions and ten new military vehicles, as well as new desert and mountain landscapes of North Africa (all new maps are based on historical documents, so this will be as close as you’ll get to the real deal).

1C Company and Battlefront will release the Theatre of War 2 – Centauro, as I said, by the end of the summer and it will cost $25. The original game will also be required to play.