A really cool and unique Halloween celebration is about to kick off in Mafia Wars – the Zombie Apocalypse, a massive fighting event that will last for around 10 days and will let you fight as either a Survivor fending off Zombies or as a Zombie trying to turn Survivors into more of your kind. I am a huge fan of Zombies and this event certainly manages to tickle my pleasure spot. Read on to find out everything about the Zombie Apocalypse in Mafia Wars!

Basically, it’s all about icing opponents during the Zombie Apocalypse event which will be structured in “waves”: these will occur randomly in the game and will end only when about 90% of the population in Mafia Wars has been infected by the Zombie virus. So I guess it’s pretty obvious which is the winning team.

However, you won’t be given a choice of joining a team: every time a new wave starts, you will be randomly assigned as a zombie or a survivor (role indicated by an icon next to your name) and your job is to ice as many opponents as possible. And you shouldn’t worry: when you are turned into a zombie yourself, all the iced opponents will still count from when you were a non-zombie.

There are, of course, a lot of loots to be collected during this Zombie Apocalypse in Mafia Wars, such as: Apocalypse Bike (125/85) or the Brain Cage (76/117). Really cool and exciting, don’t you think?