It appears that this year marks the year when the Smurfs become popular once more: not only that a 3D movie featuring the blue characters is coming soon, but also Ubisoft decided to release a new Facebook game featuring the beloved little fellows. Titled The Smurfs & Co, the new social game can be played right away and it will certainly manage to bring some extra color instantly to your life!

The game also has a story behind it: the classical one, so to say. The evil Gargamel has discovered the location of the Smurfs village and you must gather the required ingredients for creating a potion that will make Gargamel forget everything. Of course, in order to get there you’ll have to keep playing and do various other stuff. After all, there is no “The end” in a social game on Facebook, is it?

If we are to talk about The Smurfs & Co’s gameplay, I would say that it’s very much a Ravenwood Fair game set in a different location and, of course, with different, more happier graphics. You will have to clear all sorts of debris (weeds and thorns and such) and build your own city by placing buildings and workshops, all of which increase the happiness of your village.

And happiness is the main thing you should try to get in The Smurfs & Co because each new level of happiness introduces a new Special Smurf in your game, like the Greedy Smurf, the Handy Smurf, the Grouchy Smurf and so on.

Even though the game itself is very colorful and manages to make you a little bit happier when you first see it, you will soon realize that there isn’t that much to do there and all the buildings you can place in your small village (regular buildings or workshops) have the same effect in the game and no special functions/elements are introduced by them. So basically you will clean up space to build up things, supply them and then wait to get coins and build more things that do the same. A little bit of variety and extra features would be extremely great because nobody likes to get bored, especially in a Smurfs game!

However, since The Smurfs & Co is still a young game – it has just been released by Ubisoft, there is hope that things will improve pretty soon. Even with things standing the way they are right now, it’s a pretty nice game if you’re not that easily bored or if you don’t really have enough free time to spend playing games.

Either way, I invite you to check out The Smurfs & Co here on Facebook.