You probably know about The Sims Social already: the game created by Electronic Arts has just been released to the worldwide public with an open beta stage and it’s already managing to bring in hundreds of thousands of players on a daily basis to give it a try to social life and trying to put their Sim at the top of the Social Circle in the game.

In order to help you progress a little faster with The Sims Social, I have decided to create this guide: a series of tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of the game without too much hassle!

1. Keep your Sim Inspired at all times by maximizing the needs of the Sim (hunger, sleep, hygiene, social and so on). Inspired Sims get extra cash which can be used to greatly improve your lifestyle
2. Focus on increasing skills: play the guitar, write on the computer (or typewriter), do all those things that help you get better and gain more Simoleones.
3. Keep interacting with friends: except for the fact that you will keep your Sim happy, you will get extra energy and a lot of valuable items from interacting with friends
4. Don’t perform the same interaction action two times in a row with other Sims: they don’t like it and the effect will be negative!
5. Focus on completing the missions (quests) to the left. They give you great rewards and help you progress within the game’s story. They are also used to unlock items from the store and give you special rewards.
6. Keep an eye on the Facebook wall: neighbors will certainly share a lot of collectibles that are as valuable as pure gold in The Sims Social
7. Don’t forget to actually use the items: you can only hold a limited number of each item in your inventory, so don’t let them waste and actually use your items!
8. There are specific actions that get greyed out when performed at your home (like Daydream). Instead of paying real money to complete it, simply visit friends and Daydream at their place!
9. Sit back and enjoy the ride! The Sims Social is a social game where you don’t have to hurry in order to “win” something: just sit back and enjoy the game! You’re probably here for a long ride!

If this is not enough for you, fansite The Sims Social Info has some extra, more in-depth guides for Crafting and Traits in The Sims Social.

Do you have any other tips and tricks to share with the fellow Sims Social fans? Please post them in the comment section below!