Well, well, well… finally, the Duke lives and it’s going to hit computers this February – sooner than anybody has expected, even though it’s been 16 years since the game has been announced. Either way, we should put the past behind us and enjoy Duke Nukem Forever as it is – a cool product, as you will see for yourself in the videos below.

This Duke Nukem Forever Demo that offers us some first impressions of the game was presented in Amsterdam and you can see for yourself just how excited people were. And they had all the reasons to be excited, since the Duke knows a lot of things and seems to be just as cool as ever. Here are some things that we’ve seen in the Duke Nukem Forever Demo:

– “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all outta gum” – classic catch phrases are back, alongside new ones!
– Duke Nukem takes like forever to pee…
– You can draw obscene things on whiteboards

Now some more serious DNF features:

– There’s a new bar in Duke Nukem Forever, the EGO bar which apparently fills up when the Duke causes havoc
– Monsters look incredibly good
– We’ll have intense boss battles, one of them shown in the demo being with an “one eyed-freak” on a football field.
– Quote from Duke Nuke himself after being asked “What about the game, Duke, was it any good?”: “Yes, but after 12 f***n years, it should be!”

Here is the first impressions video of the Duke Nukem Forever Demo: