online-simElectronic Arts have created a list of the online features to be delivered by the highly anticipated The Sims 3, a game that will hit store shelves on June 5 this year. First of all, it’s worth noting that a second town will be available for download for the game from its official website, a town that will allow players to create and share their own movies, manage their online content and purchase additional in-game content. Pretty interesting: those who have no internet connection won’t be bugged by this detail, while those who have internet will get it by themselves. Very cool!

Here are the most important online features you’ll see in The Sims 3:

The Sims 3 Store: once you purchase the game you gain about $10 in SimPoints, which can be used to get in-game items for your Sims. So whether it’s the must-have new outfit or the latest style of plaid furniture, players have the opportunity to further customize and populate their Sims world with additional items – and send some extra money to EA’s pockets since, of course, you are allowed to buy extra SimPoints.
Game Launcher: this is a hub page that connects players with other Sims 3 fans. Here, players can keep track of their downloads, uploads, installs, game updates and their media portfolio that includes the videos and photos they can capture while playing the game.
Create a Movie and Create a Story: you will be able to do that and share your stories with others via the Sims 3 official website. Also, you will be allowed to embed movies to other websites – for example your blog – so your friends will always be up to date with your Sim’s lives.
My Page and My Studio: The Sims 3 product site will allow players to maintain their profile pages on their My Page section as well as offering them the new My Studio section to manage all their creations – Movies, stories, Exchange objects etc.
The Exchange: Building off of The Sims 2 Exchange’s success of more than 100M downloads, The Sims 3 Exchange highlights featured items, most popular downloads, powerful search and browser capabilities, along with giving players the ability to see what other players are recommending.