Along with traditional formats of 13 cards Indian rummy, online rummy has also find its way to the heart of many card game lovers. Now it’s time for mobile games to do the same and make the game of skill to reach a bigger audience than ever. Nowadays most online rummy websites are launching their own in-house mobile rummy apps or games which can be used to play for cash as well as for free. If you already have an account with any of these online rummy websites, you can rummy game free download and sync your web and mobile game for easy access and unlimited gaming hours.

As there is a policy that rejects apps that involve real cash payouts, cash rummy apps can’t be found in Android PlayStore or iOS AppStore. To free download rummy game you need to visit a specific online rummy website and download an APK on your mobile device or PC to get started. Most of these mobile games are feature rich and contains all your favourite variants of rummy.

Reasons for the Rise of Mobile Rummy Games

There are many reasons which paved way for the rise of mobile rummy games in India and also in a global scale.


There was a rise in internet and web technology from year 2000 onwards which made people more informed about everything under the sun. With the rise of internet, India also welcomed technologies like 2G, 3G and 4G which helped people to download faster and to enjoy everything streaming live online. As most of the games that we play nowadays connect to a live server, the better your internet connection is, the better your game performance will be. Online rummy or mobile rummy also required this fast internet to play with live players in real time and thus we saw a rise in mobile rummy games in this decade.

Cheaper Devices

The smartphones and tablets are getting cheaper nowadays as the technology is moving forwards. Years ago players used to pc rummy game free download to enjoy the game whenever they want from the desktop itself. Now there are a dozen of smartphone firms that offer budget phones with 4G connectivity and amazing processing power. With the accessibility of these devices, more people can enjoy any game they want to and as Indian rummy has its own place in our tradition and culture, it got downloaded the most.

Social Games

We also saw a rise in social gaming with Facebook games and other platforms competing with each other to bring the best of entertainment to its users. With social gaming, the players were able to connect with friends and thus the games that have an element of playing with friends and rewarding each other spread like a wildfire in popularity. If a player has rummy game download, he is also able to get extra rewards on his deposits via the app. These rewarding programs also made the players to download the game, make a deposit and play cash rummy games.