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If you are not into online gambling, you can look for other alternatives. Below we will discuss some interesting activities you can gamble with when playing with friends. Most of them are well known, and others might not even have crossed your mind.

1. Rummy: Yes, it is the same rummy you have been taught as a youngster. There are different variations of rummy, with all different rules of the game. But to keep it simple, this will be the most standard explanation. The cards are dealt one for each player until they all have seven cards. The dealer will face one card up, which will then be the first card to be discarded. The rest of the deck is placed face down. Starting from the left of the dealer, each player will be taking a card either from the deck or from the discard pile. The aim is to either get 3 or more of the same number or symbol to lay out. You can bet on who wins.

2. Flip a coin: This sounds very simple; however, it can turn out to be lots of fun if you can bet on a coin toss. It will have similar traits to betting on red or black on roulette, but flipping a coin is very easy and fair.

3. Poker: This is very common amongst friends who enjoy having a poker night at home. Just add a little spice to it and add some money to it. You can choose which variation you would like to play for example Texas hold’em, 7 card stud or Dealer’s choice.

4. Blackjack: Blackjack can be played between two to eight players at a time. The rules are very easy to learn and have hours of fun with. Always ensure you have enough money to cover all the bets of the table.

5. War: War is a very simple game to learn and enjoy with friends. You can bet on who will win. Each player simply needs to pick a card, and highest hand wins.

6. Spades: Another common game taught as a child. Can be played with two or four players. The four players will be in two groups of two each. You can bid on the number of tricks they think each team can take.

7. Canasta: This game is seen by some people as a form of rummy. It is normally played with two decks of cards. The basics are the same; if you are able to lay out a total of seven cards it will be called canasta.

8. Cut for High: Also tons of fun, and one of the oldest gambling games between friends. Each one will have the chance to cut the deck to highest card.

9. Baccarat: Very much like blackjack, as you will use the same standard deck of cards. To keep it simple you will just bet on who has the higher hand. Your maximum is a 9; if you add your two cards together, you will use the digit in the one place.

10. Three Card Monte: Dealer will mix around three cards face down. The Queen will normally be the card to look for in one color, and the other two cards will be another color. You will need to guess where the Queen is if you guess correctly, you will win even money.

11. Yahtzee: For this game, you will need a score sheet and 5 dice. Each player will take turns to roll the dice. You can roll the dice three times on each turn, but you can keep any of your rolls without re-rolling. You can bet per point. However, it might become very expensive. Rather bet on the winning game.

12. Backgammon: This game is played worldwide and some even travel the world to play for money. Backgammon can be seen as a stepping stone for Poker. You will need a unique board, and discs and a pair of dice. As you move your disc over the board the following will apply. If two of your discs occupy one space, your challenger will not be able to occupy it. If one of your discs occupies a space, and your challenger lands up in the same space, you will need to make a specific roll to put it back into place.

13. Liar’s poker: This is an interesting one. You will need a dollar bill to look at the serial number. A poker hand will be claimed the one with the lower hand will be the liar.

14. Sports bets: Friends can even bet on sports games.

15. Pitch quarters: Two or more players will pitch a quarter from a distance, the one landing the closest wins.

This is proof there is no reason for any visit to your friends to be boring. Take with your dice or a deck of cards, and you will have enough entertainment to last the whole evening.