fallout-3-ingotsOK, now that we have finally solved the problems with The Pitt DLC for Fallout 3 and it’s time for you to start playing, there might be other problems. For example, you might be wondering where are the steel ingot locations, or which are the rewards you receive for them. Fortunately, we can help (and my huge red eyes and solid headache are a proof here). Check out the guide below on how to get steel ingots in The Pitt DLC for Fallout 3 and the rewards you get for them.

But first, let me tell you what will you get if you decide to turn in all the ingots (one item for 10 ingots):

1. Laborer Outfit
2. Filtration Helmet
2. Steel Knuckles
4. Metal Master Armor
5. Metal Blaster
6. Bombshell Armor
7. Leather Rebel
8. The Mauler
9. The Perforator
10. Tribal Power Armor

Now, prepare to do some searching. It will take you quite a while to get all of the steel items and it would probably be best if you tried to find the locations for yourself, but if for some reason you don’t want to or you simply couldn’t find one, here are the locations of the steel ingots:

– 3 ingots can be found in the abandoned area before Steelyard in a cart to the left of the fence
– 2 ingots near the slave, as soon as you enter the Steelyard and other two in the dumpster to the left of the trailer with a couch and 2 more to the second dumpster on the left
– In the dumpster with the dead slave, there are 3 more ingots
– 2 ingots can be found behind the broken fence, between two barrels
– Go along the ledge to the small building on the right and you will find 2 more on a shelf
– Go straight forward until you see a large dumpster. Inside it there are 2 more steel ingots
– From the big dumpster pass over the fence and walk south until you find a dead slave and a med-kid. Near it there are two more ingots.
– In the irradiated area, there are three ingots on a bridge crossing to other buildings, and two more at the end of the bridge, atop the building. After you get those, drop down to find two more on a shelf.
– Near Wild Bill the slave, there are two more ingots
– Climb the ladder on Wild Bill’s room, kill the enemies upstairs and you will find three more steel ingots on the floor, near a fridge
– In a mine cart below the bridge you’ll see after climbing from Wild Bill’s room, you will find four more ingots. These are hidden behind the building below.
– If you follow the wall to the east, you will reach a dead end where two more ingots can be found.
– Go at the top of the factory, at the top of the stairs go left, then right and you should find 4 more.
– Continue your way up to the factory and you’ll find 12 pieces of steel ingot.
– 7 ingots can be taken while you climb the stairs down.
– If you go to the area with the freight cars, there are 2 more ingots at the end of the tracks and three more at the end of a hallway near the door with three protectrons.

As you can see, these are not all the ingots, but most of them. If you know where the other steel ingots are hidden, please let us know in the comment section below!