lost-and-damned-dlcIt’s February 17 and therefore you can now purchase the highly anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content for the hit Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned. The DLC is up for grabs on the Xbox Live Marketplace and it can be purchased for 1600 MS Points.

From what we can see, the DLC is 1.78GB in size, which is apparently quite small, since we’re expecting to get from Rockstar about 10 extra hours of gameplay with the Lost and Damned. So if you were planning to purchase it, now is the right time!

Also, in order to celebrate the launch of the GTA IV downloadable content, Microsoft released new avatar clothes based on the Lost and Damned content. The new clothes include a punk tee, skull wrist band and other items for the girls, rocker jackets and top hats for the boys. Major Nelson has more details about this themed avatar clothes pack, but I’m sure that you’re more interested in Rockstar’s DLC right now. So go grab it from the Xbox Live Marketplace!