operation-flashpointOperation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will be hitting retail shelves this fall, on October 6 in North America and October 8 in EPAC territories, with Codemasters promising to take all players as close to war as they’ll ever want to get. A big promise that seems to be backed up by facts, which makes the tactical shooter from the Codies an even more promising title!

The developers have also released a, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising trailer alongside the release date, and you can watch it at the game’s official website. There you will see some really amazing strikeforce and battle effects, some in-game tactics and overall tons of amazing special effects to make us wish October was closer!

Vehicles – which can all be commandeered by the player – are also featured including an AAVP7A1 amphibious assault vehicle which suppresses enemy firing positions, the powerful Abrams M1A2 battle tank and the AH1Z Super Cobra attack helicopter. Finally, a JDAM airstrike on a village shows the epic effects of explosions, with volumetric smoke modelling and dirt and debris thrown hundreds of feet into the air.

So does it all look good? You bet it does! Let’s just hope that the actual gameplay is simple and high quality as the Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising video that amazed me!