With Blizzard’s Hearthstone in beta for a while now and with the game changing constantly, you might be wondering which is the best arena class in Hearthstone? Most of the lists available right now are outdated and probably this one will be too in a few months time (note: it’s written at the end of January 2014), so I have decided to create it to help you decide what arena class to chose and maybe vote for your favorite hero in Hearthstone.

So, after many games played, here are my opinions regarding the best arena class in Hearthstone:

3. Rogue

Considered the best Arena Class for a long time, the Rogue lost popularity in time, but it’s still a great choice and I consider it the third best class in the game. If you play it right and get some good cards, you can really rush with the Rogue and the cards are really cheap. So I choose this as number three simply because you can rush and take control of the game early on – and in most cases, that’s enough for a win.

2. Paladin

01 paladin

One of the biggest strengths of the Paladin is that it’s extremely balanced and can prove to be very useful in all stages of the game. It has some amazing class cards to give it an extra advantage (like the Tirion Fordring or Sword of Justice) and overall I have had great success playing as a Paladin.

1. Mage

Even though the latest update came with a hit for the Mage’s Pyroblast, I still consider this as the best arena class in Hearthstone. Even though the Mage cards don’t show much love for the neutral cards either, the class still has some really great Common cards that can help you have a great start and keep the momentum going.

So these would be, in my opinion, the best three classes in Hearthsone. What do you think? Which do you prefer the most?