Game Bridger Entertainment announced today the release of a new instance for the fantasy MMORPG, The Aurora World. In this realm where gods have been enraged and battle in Heaven, the world has been led into chaos and sorrow and players must fight for their very survival. Now, a new challenge arises, the Invisible Dungeon promises a lot of action and treasure. The company explained the instance’s history:

Players will discover the Invisible Dungeon rich with mystery and intrigue at every turn.  Legend speaks of a once beautiful woman whose arrogance and jealousy lead her onto the path of evil.  The Gods punished her by transforming into a hideous creature which only angered her, and alas she went dormant contemplating her revenge.  Now she has awakened, and players must prepare themselves for the ultimate dungeon challenge!

This new feature has been released and patched today, meaning players can already explore the Invisible Dungeon by unveiling its secrets and looting the freshly released goods. Check the instance trailer below:

Looks pretty nice!