When Arnold said “I’ll be back” in 1984’s Terminator movie, nobody anticipated he will actually return over and over again in a never-to-be-terminated saga of Terminators. What I actually mean is that 15 years later, after two sequels and a television spin-off, the Terminator will once again be back in the 2009 movie, Terminator Salvation.

This time, the movie’s launch will be marked by the release, at the exact same time, of the video game of the same name, developed by Grin who proved they know a thing or two about cyborgs with Bionic Commando. There are not many details regarding the game, but we do know it will be a “third person action” game, which hopefully means more shooting and less “action-adventure”, jumping on platforms and collecting batteries…

“Terminator Salvation – The Videogame allows players to battle for survival against Skynet enemies utilizing an incredibly fluid and realistic control set,” said Cos Lazouras, President of Halcyon, game’s publisher. “The player will be led through a visceral story with extremely polished production values to create a fully interactive Terminator experience.”

No platforms were announced for the game, either, but we all know that games based on movies tend to be released on every console available on the market. Unfortunately, they also do tend to suck big time… so let’s just hope it won’t be the case of Arnie’s grandson too.