Teku Studios announced today that the previous project known as Project Light, will now give birth to an adventure indie title named Candle. The company estimates that Candle should hit the market by the end of the year, in December. Currently under development, Candle promises to bring players a “dynamic graphic adventure”, since its gameplay conjures both genres, platform and graphic adventure. The storyline will focus on Teku, a mysterious adventurer boy, who will do anything to save his friends, however he won’t do it through the traditional way, since instead of having a hand, he possess a candle, as Teku Studios explained:

 The player takes control of Teku, a young and inexperienced character in his journey to save his friends and unravel the mysteries of his world. Through his epic journey he will face many trials and puzzles that the player has to solve using his mind and inventiveness. The key feature of Candle’s gameplay comes from a very specific ability of Teku: instead of a hand, he carries a candle that can be lit at certain places, and he must do whatever he can to prevent it from being extinguished.

The game has a peculiar visual, the whole development process is based on real drawing, where artists and designers “paint the entire graphics of the game in a traditional way” but that’s not everything. The character animations and effects are also custom hand made,  they are not digital – “we draw and paint them frame by frame”, affirmed the company. Candle promises an innovative gameplay, where players can fully control the protagonist and explore the world in a surreal way. This indie title will be available in English and Spanish for PC.