Caesarverse is a play-to-earn MMO game with a roman theme. It’s designed as an immersive metaverse where players can learn about a different culture and is based on real-life historical settings. Players that like classical era settings and 5vs5 gameplay will love the Caesarverse Metaverse. It’s an authentic blend between MMO, gaming, and the Roman era. 


Caesarverse was created to be a genuine reflection of the Roman era, and draws heavily on factual sources to conjure its metaverse. Players will be able to roam the real-life world and interact with objects and places. 

In this way, it serves as a form of passive education with the added benefit of passive education – a true blend of enjoyment and learning. Caesarverse is also aiming to incorporate VR components into its metaverse for a truly immersive experience. 

Players can take part in a gladiatorial combat within an arena and will also be able to engage in cooperative legionary combat upon full release. 

CaesarVerse is introducing a rank structure for the legionary combat where a higher ranking player can command other players. These players will get XP boosts for obeying the orders of the higher ranked player. While the demo release will consist only of gladiatorial combat within an arena, this ranked combat will be introduced upon full release, likely in late 2023 or early 2024. 

The open world encourages exploration and trading with different civilizations. As a Web3 game, it also features in-game NFT assets and additional components. The CaesarVerse project is mainly focused on education as players can have a truly immersive experience for a fun learning process. 


Fight for glory.

The founders of Caesar, Max Foody and Colin Helm, are passionate about the Roman era and have studied it from various angles. They are also enthusiastic about MMO games and noted that there was no Web3 metaverse that caters to this era, most other games being sci-fi themed. 

So they set out to create an immersive metaverse that allowed players to learn as they played, combining the best aspects of Web3 and filling in market gaps with regard to education. Despite the emphasis on education, Caesarverse rewards players for their contributions and the GameFi aspect features heavily through NFTs and tokenization. 

Assets like land and special items can be purchased and traded in the in-game marketplace for Dinari. Revenue can be generated through resource production. 

Features & Benefits

  • Tokenization & in-game purchases. 
  • NFTs
  • Open world environment for exploration. 
  • Historically accurate metaverse based on Roman era. 
  • Novel 5vs5 multiplayer combat. 
  • Real estate availability in Caesarverse metaverse. 
  • Potential VR integration. 
  • Useful for university students studying this era. 


The Caesarverse is having its mint around January to February 2023. Players can mint their own genesis NFT. Gladiators and Ludus upgrades are available in the initial mint. 

An NFT is not actually required for the purpose of playing the game. This is unlike other games that require steep upfront investment. 

But it can make it more entertaining as NFTs are used for an enhanced combat experience. They can also be traded for Dinari in the in-house Caesarverse marketplace. 

Fortune awaits