Another decidedly non-Humble Bundle has gone up, this time from publisher Deep Silver.

Paying whatever you want gets you access to DRM free copies of Saints Row 2 and 3, which unfortunately come without the DLC included. The bundle also includes the pirate RPG Risen 2 Dark Waters. In addition, the pay what you want option nets you a copy of the fantasy RPG Sacred 2: Gold, which comes with all DLC included.

Paying more than a dollar grants access to Steam keys for all games purchased.

Paying more than the average (Which currently sits at $4.92) will net you the “Full Package” for Saints Row 3, which contains a bunch of the game’s DLC. You’ll also get a copy of Dead Island along with all of the DLC.

Finally, paying more than 25$ will grant you access to a copy of the recently released Dead Island: Riptide.

If you nab copies of Saints Row 3, Risen 2, Sacred 2 or Dead Island Riptide, the Humble Bundle will also throw in the sound tracks for the games in a DRM free format.

The Deep Silver Humble Bundle will run for the next two weeks.