tales-of-japanWe don’t know for sure if this is a joke or not (it doesn’t look like one, but you can never know for sure), but it appears that we’re going to be treated with three new “Tales of” games: Tales of Vesperia for the PlayStation 3, Tales of Graces on Wii and Tales of VS for the PSP.

The announcement was found by Kombo in Jump in Japan magazine and, as you can see in the image to the left, the announcement is for real. So we are said that the PS3 version of the Tales of Vesperia game will introduce a new character, Patty Fleur and it will be released later this year.

The other two titles don’t have many details attached either, with Tales of Graces for Wii presenting the story of a character who vows never to lose somebody important in his life, while Tales of VS (for PSP) will be the direct rival of Dissidia: Final Fantasy, with a 4-player fighting mode.

We’re waiting for more details regarding these titles, as well as confirmations that they actually exist and it wasn’t everything just a well done April Fool’s Day joke.