NGames announced today that its web based MMORPG known as Tales of Laputa will receive a new name, new version and several new features. Tales of Laputa will become Tales of Solaris on May 28th. To celebrate this special event, a huge patch containing exclusive content will be releases on the same date.

Tales of Laputa is set in a world where magic and high technology co-exist, creating an unique fantasy and futuristic environment. The new content will introduce new game modes, one of them is the wing system, where players will be able to infuse feathers and create their personalized wings. Using wings isn’t just an aesthetic possibility, they’re also useful in combat as they boost certain attributes.

Tracy Wang, NGames PR manager justified the upcoming radical change as being part of reaching a wider audience:

Tales of Laputa has being a great new addition to the Game321 portal, all of our players love it!”, said  “We’re changing the name to Tales of Solaris to help us reach a wider global audience. We want even more players to experience this magical web MMO, and we believe a name change is the best way to do that.