With no recent roster updates, Super Smash Bros 4 news has been a bit slow. However, Nintendo and game director Masahiro Sakurai have been releasing details about returning items and other things as the newly announced Spring 2014 release date gets closer.

New and Returning Items

The soccer ball is making it’s return the the game. Slightly modified from it’s last appearance, players will not be able to pick the ball up and use it. Players instead will be able to attack the ball, sending it toward their opponents. with Sakurai saying it will deal a good amount of damage. Also returning to the game is the Nintendogs assist trophy. After it’s debut in Brawl, there have only been some slight changes. This time, Nintendo went with a french bulldog puppy that will come up and block the screen for a few seconds, as seen here:

SSB4 dog

There are also some new items added to the game. A new crossover item has been added to the game from Steel Diver. The weapon is a gun that looks like a submarine from the Steel Diver game. The gun shoots torpedoes that will accelerate after being fired. The new assist trophy added to the game will feature a new character to the series. Skull Kid, from the game Majora’s Mask, will be making his debut. All that is known is that he is just an assist character, while what he does is still unknown. Here are some screen shots of the new items:

b3997ae698f861fed8b91d72d7f0b57a SSB Steel Diver

Updated Details

A new way for players to knock out opponents has been added. Called the meteor smash, it allows the player to throw their opponent off the map. Sakurai posted this screen shot of the new move:

Meteor Smash SSB

Sakurai also said that the move will also include a fun sound.

Marth’s Shield Breaker move will be returning in the new game as well. Since players didn’t use the move to break shields, Nintendo has made the move “much more powerful” than it’s appearance in the last game. They provided this screen cap, saying this is the after math of the move:

SSB Sheild

Stay tuned for more Super Smash Bros 4 news as it comes out.