fei-longYou’ve probably had some great time with Street Fighter IV until now and you’ve already easily unlocked the SF4 characters as we’ve told you in our little tutorial. What you didn’t know (and us neither) until now is that there’s an infinite, indestructible combo in Capcom’s fighting game which guarantees you will win against Seth and Abel.

Yes, the Fei Long combo only works against these two opponents – so you won’t be seeing that online too much – but EventHub managed to catch it on video and we’re showing you the clip below. And, as you can see, it’s pretty awesome! And the instructions, according to the posters of the video, are also simple: “You do a Standing Hard Punch up close, Cancel into a Flying Kick and repeat.” Easy as pie!

Unfortunately, we might be seeing this incredible combo for a short while only, since it will probably be fixed by an upcoming Street Fighter IV patch. Maybe the Championship Edition, as many people are requesting? We have no idea – actually all we care about right now is watching once more this incredible Fei Long’s infinite combo: