starcraft-2-imageSoon, the luckiest of the Starcraft fans will be part of the beta tests which should kick off sooner rather than later, judging from recent reports and new goodies delivered by Blizzard. I’m talking about the new website which now reached and improved 2.0 version and will be used by players of WoW, Starcraft II and Diablo III as a meeting place and “game starter”.

Even more, several reports say that people who are creating accounts on the new server, as well as those users who already have accounts are starting to receive random invites from Blizzard for the Closed Beta Stage of Starcraft II (which hasn’t started yet and was not officially confirmed, so you can take it as a rumor). However, it would make total sense for the developers to promote their new service with beta offers – there are millions of players who would do anything to get their hands on an invite!

Still, we’re waiting for some more solid information from Blizzard themselves and we’ll hopefully be able to tell you soon what to do in order to have a fair chance to take part in the upcoming Starcraft II beta. So stay tuned with Unigamesity!