bourneElectronic Arts acquired the rights for Robert Ludlum’s works in February and they did not waste any time: today Starbreeze offered a few details about the next Jason Bourne game, but not too much since development is obviously in its earliest stages.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Starbreeze’s lead designer Jerk Gustafsson said that the upcoming title will “difinitely” feature a multiplayer component. Also, he said: “It is the same team that’s going to create the Bourne game that did [The Chronicles of Riddick] as well as The Darkness,” which is a good thing since these were high quality titles.

“So we’re probably still going to continue creating games the way we do, blending various gameplay elements into a good storyline. I think that’s what we do well,” said Gustafsson.

We’re waiting for some more details on this new Bourne game. However, we might be up for a pretty long wait, since work has just begun…