saw-game01Everything was unclear regarding this Saw game (obviously based on the horror movie with the same name): it was announced, canceled, passed from one company to another, it got a flash game – it was a total chaos and I stopped caring quite a while ago. However, today, out of the blue, Konami appeared to announce that they will publish the Saw game around the time the new Saw movie hits theaters.

Variety also has the first two screenshots from the game which seems to reflect the action of the movie (and also feature many red jigsaw puzzle pieces on the walls). From what we can tell, the graphics are outdated and we can say that they kind of look bad – but it’s a game based on a movie and these rarely have any quality inside the box cover.

Still, there might be hope since the Saw game will not be actually based on any of the movies but will have its own story in which you will have to solve torture puzzles set up by the criminal mastermind Jigsaw (who, apparently, is immortal). Do you have any hopes from this title?