Now that you’ve got your Spice Rack completed in Cafe World and you’ve already added different types of spice on your own dishes, what’s next? Well, start spicing up your friends’ dishes, according to Zynga who therefore managed to turn a rather boring experience – visiting the cafes of your friends – into a really cool one.

Spice your friend’s dishes,” reads the pop-up. “Now you can help your friends cook! Visit your friends daily to help out by adding spice to their dishes for free. Get cafe points and coins for helping. plush the chance to discover hidden prizes!” Yup – hidden prizes! I’m sure that sounds really sweet for you!

So… how do you spice a neighbor’s dish? It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is to visit their Cafe and click on their dishes which are still cooking (make sure you don’t add the spice to the already served ones as you get nothing in return!) While spicing up your neighbor’s dishes, you will see the message “Spiced 10% servings!” and you’ll get 10 cafe points and 40 coins for doing this.

Of course, the biggest reward is that of a mystery spice – you can find a random type of spice or spice pack, which means that if you’re active and spice up your neighbors’ dishes often, you can save lots of cash you would’ve otherwise spent purchasing spices. So all in all, this is a really welcomed addition to Cafe World!