In honor of the volcanic eruption in Iceland, Pet Society presents the Volcano Mask. This hot piece of fashion item has received mixed reviews from the players.

Some players think that it’s too ugly while others say they like it because it erupts. Try washing a pet wearing it. The volcano erupts continuously as long as you’re soaping it. Some players bought the mask just to test the effect. A friend told me it looked like the pet’s brains were blowing out – which is fun enough, imho but for a price: 2,500 coins.

Pet Society collectors should buy the limited edition Peter Pan Statue from the Furniture Store. With only 250,000 pieces available, this statue is sold for 16,000 coins each. A player can only purchase one piece per day.

Last time I checked there are 189,398 out of the 250,000 Peter Pan Statues left. 250.000 units don’t seem to be a limited quantity but you should purchase it as soon as possible before it’s too late.

Collecting 16,000 coins seems to be a tedious task. You could visit your friends, hug them, and wash them but you can’t collect the amount in a day that way. If you really want to buy the Peter Pan Statue, the best way is to go to the Pet Society Bank and buy $18,000 coins for $20.