On April 27, 2010, Zynga released a new mystery box in FarmVille, the purple and pink mystery box. Following the hot mystery boxes released in the past, this one also brings in a bunch of hot new items to make our farms look a lot better. If you’re curious to see what’s inside the new pink and purple mystery box in FarmVille, read on!

– Purple Mane Pony + 350 XP
– Purple Frog + 250 XP
– Sphynx + 300 XP
– Antique Cart + 150 XP
– Lavender Victorian House + 400 XP
– Garden Statue + 150 XP

(Click the thumbnail in the upper left corner to see the new items!)

Like always, this new FarmVille mystery box is only available for 7 days and it costs 16 FarmVille cash to purchase one. What did you get inside your new mystery box?


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