A hot summer is coming, the volcano in Iceland threatens to change the climate of the planet so Zynga decided to act accordingly and introduce a desert farm in FarmVille – a option for all the players to turn their green and joyful farm into a dusty one. DustVille is the new name of the game, I reckon!

Either way, if you’re interested to find out everything about the Desert Plains in FarmVille (aka the Desert Farm), read on!

First of all, I’m sure you’re curious to find out how to bring the desert to your FarmVille farm. The answer is very simple: just go to the marketplace and click the “Upgrade Farm” tab, then select the Desert Plains. It only costs 1,000 coins and the effect is quite impressive.

You can simply try the desert plains out and see if you like the effect or not: if you don’t you can switch back from the Desert Plains to the Green Pasture by simply going to the marketplace again and selecting the option.

What do you think about the desert plains in FarmVille? Does the new look blend well with all the color and joy of the game?