With the co-op farming feature released by Zynga in Farmville quite a while ago, I am sure that some of you are still wondering which are the rewards for getting the gold medal – and therefore decide if it’s worth investing precious time in completing the coop farming challenges. Below I have for you a complete list of FarmVille co-op farming gold rewards:

Fashion Bug gold reward: grape sheep, 846 coins and 958 XP
Stirring Things Up gold reward: mini pagoda, 866 coins and 983 XP
Frantic for Flowers gold reward: wedding gazebo, 904 coins and 1035 XP
A Pack of Pickled Patty Pans gold reward: mail truck, 619 coins and 708 XP
A Very Berry Field Trip gold reward: school bus plow, 866 coins and 983 XP
Tossin’ Tomatoes gold reward: circus elephant, 449 coins and 509 XP
Rice Paper gold reward: lantern tree, 450 coins and 515 XP
Town Greening gold reward: FarmVille monument, 516 coins and 589 XP
Pumpkin Pie O’plenty gold reward: Cafe statue, 462 coins and 527 XP
*NEW* Baby Bunny Rescue gold reward: Gray Bunny, 495 coins, 590 XP

This list was last updated on April 27. We’ll add new co-op farming gold rewards to the list when FarmVille releases more! Help us keep this list updated by posting your comments below.


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