Starting next week, Mafia Wars players need to collect another type of item class that will be used for fights and robbing. Aside from Weapons, Armors, and Vehicles, you’ll need to bring Animals to have a fighting chance.

Last week Zynga held the Animals Gone Wild! in Mafia Wars where animals drop when doing jobs, fighting, and robbing. At present they are part of the Weapon item class. But in the future you’ll see a separate category for them.

You can also collect animals through the marketplace, where you can buy animals such as the African Lion, Pit Bull, Chinese Tiger, Royal White Elephant, Russian Bear, Kodiak, Jaguar, Anaconda, just to name a few.

If you have 501 Mafia Members, you’ll need 501 animals for their attack and defense stats. At present the African Lion has the highest for Offense with a 58 Attack 36 Defense. For Defense, the Pit Bull is best with 35 Attack 57 Dense.

After the Animals Gone Wild week, players were expecting Animals unleashed this week but it didn’t happen. The final implementation of Animals in Mafia Wars is still unknown but we’ll keep our eyes open and report about it as soon as there’s a change in the game.