Here are some tips to boost and maintain your popularity in Restaurant City:

Place a maximum of three waiting chairs. The number of people going in your restaurant doesn’t slow down even if you increase the number of waiting chairs. More waiting chairs means more people waiting to be served. That would give you more thumbs down.

Toilets should be kept clean. People who can’t find a clean toilet can offset your negative ratings. Clean toilet is one way of maintaining high popularity in Restaurant City.

Each waiter should have an access to their own drinking machine. These machines make up 25 percent of the cooking.

Design your restaurant in such a way that the waiters walk as little as possible.

Too many tables will give you more thumbs down. It is ideal for a waiter to walk not more than three squares and wait on five to six tables.

People can enter your restaurant through the garden. Close off the front walk to control the flow of customers coming in and out of your restaurant.

4.0 to 50.0 popularity points can take around two hours if you’re serving Level 10 dishes. Save your game often to prevent points from resetting.