It has been revealed that Soul Caliber: Lost Swords is in development as a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

This was discovered following a scan of the latest issue Famitsu that was found by Gematsu. The current details of the title are currently thin on the ground outside of it currently being developed for the PS3. It has however been confirmed as a ‘free-to-play’ game.

This means that it is likely to take on the same model as another PlayStation 3 free-to-play fighter Tekken Revolution. This gave players a basic set of eight fighters at the start and every now and again after release the game would be given an update to increase the playable roster of characters.

The name of this Soul Caliber was only trademarked by Namco Bandai a couple of months ago in America, meaning it is likely a western release for the game may be some time away.

Whilst Soul fans have been waiting for a new game in the series since the last entry: Soul Caliber V back in early 2012, they will not have to wait for long for their next fix as the series third entry: Soul Caliber II is being given a HD makeover and is expected a release later in the year.

The number of free to play games has increased quite a lot recently. Game series such as Ace Combat, Mobile Suit Gundam and Ridge Racer have all tried their hand at this scheme. Do you like the system of free-to-play games, or would you rather just have everything the game will offer all at once?

[Source: IGN]