PS4Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House has exclaimed, via MCV, that his company cares more about providing consumers new IP than most of their competition. House said that people will buy into the Playstation eco-system and the vision behind PS4 if both new and old IP are available for purchase.

“In terms of sheer breadth and depth, we are in a better shape in terms of third-party support for this console launch than certainly any I’ve ever launched,” House said. “We are more committed to new IP establishment and delivery than most other platform holders out there.”

House described the establishment of new IP as “critically important” for the company and the Playstation brand.

Ready at Dawn is currently developing The Order: 1886 and Guerrilla Games, Santa Monica, and Media Molecule are all rumored to be creating new IP as well. Guerrilla Games even went as far as to say that their new game is completely different from their previous fps efforts the studio is known for.

The PS4 has managed to sell over 2.1 million units as of writing.