david_reevesGenerally, the war between consoles when sale figures are no longer an argument takes part as console exclusive content vs. console exclusive content and Microsoft kind of won this war against Sony in the current-gen battle. However, the PS3 manufacturers don’t seem to be too impressed with that and would rather spend $50 million to develop innovative games like LBP rather than securing exclusive content.

At least that’s what David Reeves told MCV in an interview about the importance of second party titles for a console. “What we’re doing now is focusing a lot on our own IP,” he said back in December. “We’ve found companies like Media Molecule, Insomniac and Naughty Dog who have provided key games for us. I’m not saying we’re completely abandoning exclusives, but we don’t have the $50m dollars to spend on securing exclusive content – and we’d much rather put that money not into securing an exclusive but developing another innovative game like LittleBigPlanet.”

It indeed makes sense, as long as there are still at least a few exclusives left. People will buy a new console only if it offers them more than another and right now many would consider that Xbox 360 has more to offer – at least game-wise. But maybe Sony are right – they know better, don’t they?