tibiaWhen it comes to online gaming, I believe we can all agree upon one thing: cheaters are some of the most annoying people we can meet since they simply ruin the balance and fun of any game they’re playing. Unfortunately, there is nothing players can do against cheaters and publishers are kind of slow to react to such thing (if they ever do). However, when they start taking action, the numbers are impressive!

It was proven by CipSoft who decided to ban cheaters off the servers of their MMORPG Tibia: about 5,000 player accounts were blocked for the use of unofficial software. So be very careful if you decide to use such programs in the future – both in Tibia and other MMOs: not only they are considered illegal by the developers, but they can also get your account banned!

“Tibia is online for more than 12 years.” says Florian Eckert, responsible Product Manager at CipSoft. “During that time, our community developed a sophisticated and balanced society. Protecting this equilibrium is one of the key tasks for us.”

Basically, these pieces of software appear to come in handy for the players, as they automate the gameplay functions and help players gain more experience, loot and eventually money. However, they do ruin the entertainment (since you’re not actually playing) and are clearly some very annoying things for real gamers. So it’s a good thing to hear that players using them are getting banned!