brave-armsObviously, there are many developers trying to get a slice of the social games pie, one that keeps growing and proves that PC gaming is not dead, just located over the internet. Just moments after hearing about the social vampires MMO, I found out that also a “social shooter” is in the progress, one called Brave Arms.

This title plans to bring to Facebook users a more violent alternative to FarmVille by delivering a complete and compelling first person shooter competitive experience. So… will this be the new Counter Strike playable in a Facebook window? So it seems.

However, I have doubts that the details (via Destructoid) are complete: Brave Arms will most likely use Facebook Connect to allow players log in and post various spam messages on their friends’ walls and not be actually playable within FaceBook. Which takes a bit of the coolness away, but life’s not always fair!

However, James Kosta, CEO of the company developing the game states: “Our new title, Brave Arms, will bring first-Person Shooter games to the masses. It’s about fast-paced action and either competing against or forming teams with your friends. We want people to feel empowered and to share in a real videogame experience.”

On the bright side, Brave Arms’ recently released screenshots prove that it could actually be a really cool first person shooter, making me think a little at the zany fun of Team Fortress. And that is a major advantage, especially for a game testing out the virgin grounds of Facebook!