Sniper Shooter is an incredibly addictive game available for iPhone and iPad and I am sure you already had a lot of fun playing the game. However, it does tend to become extremely challenging at times, so I have decided to share with you a Sniper Shooter Walkthrough to help you through the stages and make sure that you have what it takes to complete the game.

I am sure that in this case, the best bet is a video walkthrough for each chapter and we can start below with the first two chapters solved for you by AppZebra. So check out the Sniper Shooter iPhone Walkthrough below and get ready to become the master of the game!

Sniper Shooter iPhone Walkthrough: Chapter 1

Sniper Shooter iPhone Walkthrough: Chapter 2

And this is it for now, just the first two Chapters, but I am sure that’s a lot of help already. Don’t forget to share with us any Sniper Shooter tips and tricks you might have and check back soon as we’ll update the walkthrough with new content as soon as the nice folks at AppZebra post more videos.