Bethesda have rolled out the Skyrim Update 1.7 which brings a host of very much needed bug fixes, as well as the Mounted Combat update for the PS3 players who didn’t get it in the 1.6 update.

Right now, the 1.7 update for Skyrim is available for download from Steam and it’s still in beta, but after just several minutes of testing, it looks pretty fine and no game problems were reported.

Here is the complete change list of the 1.7 update for Skyrim:

– General memory and stability optimizations
– Fixed crash related to new water shaders
– Fixed rare crash related to dragon landings
– Fixed logic error with loading screens from add-ons (Xbox 360)
– Using vampiric grip and swimming no longer prevents swimming animation from playing afterwards
– Improved recognition with Kinect voice commands (Xbox 360)
– Kinect-enabled dragon language shouts for French, German, Italian and Spanish work properly (Xbox 360)
– Fixed issue with Dawnguard Kinect-enabled dragon shouts for French, German, Italian and Spanish (Xbox 360)

There are very few things that need to be fixed in Skyrim, but it’s still nice to see that Bethesda still does their best to keep their game as flaw-free as possible.